Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bluetooth Remote Control

I have been looking for a Bluetooth Remote Control application that can be used to control the media player from the mobile. I watch a lot of movies on my laptop and it is really a pain to pause and control volume using the keyboard. Earlier I found very few applications, specifically none in open source.

I found one good Remote Control in .NET by Jerome Laban although it is designed for the windows smartphone and did not work on my Pocket PC 2003. I also tried this one available in J2ME, but this is designed for Nokia and did not run on my phone's J2ME.

Recently I have seen quite some activity on these kind of projects. blurc and lbrc are open source projects for remote control of Linux. Bemused is another such project for controlling Media player from Symbian, also ported to J2ME. However, I am more interested in applications like Mobile Control Suite, which can control other applications like PowerPoint. It is really cool to show a slideshow using a remote control.

Finally the good news, I have also created an installer for the Remote Control in .NET which is a complete suite as well. Can't upload it using blogger, but I will contribute this back to Laban. Unfortunately Laban's code is not open source and I would really like an SDK that can be used to develop more plugins for other applications. Anyone interested in starting this open source ?