Saturday, June 26, 2004


Everyone of my friends seems to have a weblog now. Many are using it to be able to search themselves on Google. My friend Tarun tells me that ego-surfing is the word. Some benevolent souls are crying hoarse that this is going to render our favorite search engine useless someday. My own $.02 on this is, if not blogs, then mailing lists are anyway going to do that...the Sun is finally going to die and the Universe is headed for emptiness.

So finally I have decided to be on the bandwagon. Looked around for a J2EE-based blogging application, liked Deepblack a little, also thought about creating my own using .NET , then deployed MovableType on my office machine, but finally settled for ASP model works, I must say !


Blogger Dinesh Singh said...

Gud word dude!! Grest to see this go ahead!!

7:38 AM  

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